MARIA BAKALOVA                                                                     МАРИЯ БАКАЛОВА 

The New York Times Exclusive
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Tutar and Borat on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Awards Circuit Podcast with Maria Bakalova
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Maria features in 'The Father' which won the Grand Prix Award at Karlovy Vary and is Bulgaria's 2021 Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film
THR Review
"Last Call"
Maria earns a Best Actress Nomination as the film wins the Audience Award at the 38th Golden Rose FF
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Good Morning America
Sacha Baron Cohen endorses Maria for an Oscar Nomination.
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Nationality: Bulgarian 

Hair Color: Brown/Blond

Eye Color: Black

Training: Bulgarian National

Academy for Theatre and Film Arts

Height: 170/5’6”

Producer/Manager: Julian Kostov

UK Agency: Insight MP

Tom Jeggo –

US Agency: CAA

Publicist : Public Eye Communications

Pandora Weldon

Ellie Norton –