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About Us

  1. Beginning and Vision

    Our founder Julian Kostov

    Julian Kostov is an award-winning actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur living between London, Los Angeles and Bulgaria. In 2014 he created JupiterLights Productions looking to organize workshops where actors feel empowered. Kostov’s long-term vision has always been bridging Bulgarian talent and the international entertainment industry as well as telling important original stories as a filmmaker. #power2actor

  2. First Steps

    Early Birds

    At JupiterLights we believe you have to earn you luck! As artists and filmmakers, you can’t be passive and drift away waiting for opportunities, you have to make your own breaks!

    That’s why in July 2014 we made our first short film – the comedy ‘Early Birds’. The film was a collaboration with Red Eye Films & Flight of Fancy Films and earned official selections in Liverpool’s Lift-Off Film Festival 2016 and IndieFlicks International Film Festival 2015.

    It’s a silly film that carries a message which observes behaviors more prevalent now than ever: people’s obsession with ‘being famous for being famous’, ‘overnight success’ which lead to the birth of what we now call ‘influencers’.

    Logline: Michael and Jack arrive at work early after a late night of partying to try and decide what to do about their indiscretions. Is it too late to rectify their mistakes?

  3. Workshops, Talks, and Master Classes


    Education and artist empowerment is one of our core values. Since 2014, JupiterLights has organized a series of Casting Director Workshops in London with Nancy Bishop, Andrea Clark, and Jane Frisby, to name a few. Since 2015, we have produced 7 intensive masterclasses in Sofia, Bulgaria with one of the most prestigious acting studios in the world – Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop (AMAW studios).

  4. psychological horror

    'The Dare'

    With a sequel in the works, the 3-year journey that has been ‘The Dare’ hasn’t ended just yet. We started shooting in December 2016 with 3 weeks of prep and 18 production days, followed by a series of rewrites and reshoots to eventually winning the Audience Award at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival 2019 in Miami, FL.

    “The Dare” has been sold worldwide by Millennium Films and we were lucky to have had it released on the big screen in certain territories before the pandemic hit. We are proud to say that it has become a commercial success with over $3 million at the box office in the Netherlands alone.


  5. Casting Director #power2actor

    Casting on Jupiter

    We are very proud to welcome a new member to the JupiterLights family and our very own in house Casting DirectorSophia Vassileva.

    CASTING ON JUPITER finally establishes a proper casting infrastructure for the many international filmmakers shooting in Bulgaria. We are a full-service company and work via Spotlight to find your principle and supporting cast: from named actors to emerging talent, and uber-talented local hire.

    Sophia is a talented multi-hyphenate who’s career started in television as a casting director and project manager in leading production companies in Bulgaria and the UK. An alumnus of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama [London] Sophia co-directed her first indie feature ‘The Violin’ with KAMAK FILMS productions.

  6. Mentorship and Management

    Talent Management

    In 2019 we established our mentor and management arm for talent with big ambitions and dreams.

    One of our core values is helping nurture the mental health of our artists navigating in such a competitive industry. We have always been driven by the urge to showcase underrepresented cultures and ethnicities and their talent. Sadly, because of the Cold War propaganda Eastern Europeans still face discrimination in the West. We have set course to break down those stereotypes and boundaries in the world of art and pop culture through fighting for adequate representation in Film and TV and proving to the young generations that it is possible.

  7. Championing unique filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds

    Sales & Distribution

    In 2020, Julian Kostov and Giles Alderson added a sales and distribution arm to the JupiterLights Media family. The company started by championing a really crazy, weird, out there, parody film called Bullets of Justice. We believed in producer/composer/star Timur Turisbekov and writer/director Valeri Milev’s fantastically twisted vision for this passion project of theirs: a grindhouse surreal parody of B and A action movies alike. The film was sold to The Horror Collective in North America, as well as Japan and Germany.

    We represent a number of other titles. Check our Production section for updates.

  8. Management + Agency

    JupiterLights Talent Management Agency

    In 2021 we launched the first Bulgarian Agency representing actors and directors with an eye towards the international market. We are proud to having added two agents to the team in London and in Sofia – Maribella Bravo and Justin Schwimmer.

    We are a full-service boutique Management Agency focusing on representing and managing the careers of the highest level of talent from Eastern Europe and the rest of the world, championing diversity, equal opportunity and adequate representation.

    Our client, Critics Choice Winner and Academy Award, BAFTA, SAG and Golden Globe Nominee Maria Bakalova’s success through Borat Subsequent Movie Film is one such motivator for millions of people in our region: Dreams do come true if you work hard and dare to take risks. Audiences across the world crave #diversity of talent and stories.